Registration for an Education Freedom Account with LEARNS for the 2024-2025 school year is Now Open!

Who is eligible?

Eligible children must meet one of the following criteria to qualify for an Education Freedom Account for the 2024-25 school year:

  • Students from the Succeed Scholarship Program

  • Students with a disability (IDEA)

  • Current or former foster care children

  • Students experiencing homelessness

  • Children of active-duty military personnel

  • Children of a military reservist

  • Children of a US military veteran under Title 38

  • Children of a first responder or law enforcement officer

  • Students from "D" or "F" public schools (2023-24 school year) or schools in "Level 5" districts

  • Kindergartners (private school only)

  • First Grade students (private school only)

The parent or guardian also must be a resident of Arkansas and the student must be eligible to enroll in a public elementary or secondary school in Arkansas.

Who qualifies as a first responder?

According to US Code 34, a first responder includes a firefighter, law enforcement officer, paramedic, emergency medical technician, or other individual who in the course of his or her duties, responds to fire, medical, hazardous material, or other similar emergencies. We include anyone who provides services at the scene of an emergency or before an individual arrives at the hospital.

What is the funding for 2024-2025?

For the 2024-25 school year, this represents approximately $6,856 per Education Freedom Account.

What are the eligible educational expenses for 2024-2025?

Eligible educational expenses for the 2024-25 school year include tuition and fees, curriculum, supplemental materials, uniforms, technology, tutoring, therapy, transportation, etc.  

Before applying, it is helpful to get some necessary documents together before beginning. You will find a complete list of documentsHERE! If your student has a disability, you may need to have a medical professional complete this Medical Diagnosis Form.

When you're ready, click HERE to begin the application process for LEARNS and an EFA. (Current Learns families and potential New Learns families)

Mountain Home Christian Academy has been provisionally accredited by Cognia accrediting agency. MHCA is approved to accept students who qualify for LEARNS funding. In order to receive this money, families must apply and upload the proper documents.

Early enrollment at MHCA opens April 15th, 2024. Enrollment details will be posted at that time.

If you'd like assistance determining if your student qualifies, contact Vanessa Peglar at
870-424-6622 or

learns act

Reach out with any questions you may have, we are happy to help.

Ace Scholarships for new and returning students. (LEARNS families do not apply)

To find out if your student qualifies for the ACE scholarship, download a copy of ACE Scholarship Information. It also gives information about how to apply for this scholarship. If you have any questions on ACE, please reach out to Mrs. Forrest in the main office. 870-424-6622

Remember the deadline is April 15th to renew or apply!

The ACE Scholarship is available for new and returning students. It is an income-based scholarship program. If your student qualifies for the LEARNS money, do not apply for ACE as well.

If you're not certain that your child will be attending at MHCA, please do not apply for an ACE scholarship. It ties up potential scholarship money for students that are accepted and enrolled at MHCA and need it.

If you already are receiving the scholarship, you must complete an application and submit it anually through your current FACTS login.

The deadline to apply or submit your yearly application for an ACE Scholarship is April 15, 2024.